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The inspiration for this business came 12 years ago, when my kids began college. I was shocked by their stories on how poorly educated their fellow freshmen were. Basic English skills were nonexistent. Math skills? You know the answer. The anecdotal stories were foreboding, these students were the workforce of the future.

At that time the opportunities of outsourcing were only being exploited by Fortune 500 companies. Why not make accessing skills sets in the global market available to Small and Medium Size Enterprises? And so began The SandsTeam.

Our philosophy is based on a few basic principles:

  • The cornerstone of what we do is not outsourcing, it is customer service.
  • No two clients are alike; solutions need to be customized to meet the criteria, culture and goals of the client.
  • Companies should expect their employees to rise to the culture of the company, not that the company should reach down to the culture of its employees.
  • Stitching together a global staff should be non-intrusive and non-invasive.

A simple lesson I learned as a chef/owner of restaurants was: The Price is Soon Forgotten; but the Service is Long Remembered.

Yes, outsourcing will have an impact on your bottom line, but The SandsTeam is not solely dedicated to saving the client money, we look to improve a client's workflow processes and give the business owner the opportunity to focus on expanding their business.

I look forward to discussing how The SandsTeam can help your company grow.

Best regards,

Brian Sands, President

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