The SandsTeam Pledge
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The Skill Gap Challenge

At the top of the C-Suite's list of challenges to corporate growth is the acquisition of human capital with reliable, competent and complimentary skill sets. The Skill Set Gap in our country has become pandemic.

The SandsTeam Pledges:

To create a fully engaged - one team - multiple locations - synergy.


Corporations can't simply be snapped apart and reconfigured like LEGO sets; they are complex, living organisms.

The SandsTeam Pledges:

To work within our client's corporate culture developing organic processes for outsourcing. To augment, not supplant, what is already working for the client. To liberate core personnel so they can focus on what they do best; innovation and growth.


In today's world virtually everyone is connected somehow: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc. This connectivity is a game changer for businesses who embrace outsourcing. An engaged workforce is a productive workforce. We call this the Global Water Cooler.

The SandsTeam Pledges:

To utilize connectivity technology to work alongside your existing team. To create a fully engaged; one team multiple locations synergy.


The success of outsourcing hinges on the 'methodology'; inextricably linked to efficiency and seamless integration. High levels of productivity are important when managing a secondary office half way around the world.

The SandsTeam Pledges:

To present a customized Success Plan outlining the migration process to successfully achieve the goals and metrics defined by the client. Learn More

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