Social Media Marketing

There is an old adage in advertising: Companies routinely claim that they know 50% of the advertising doesn't work, but they don't know which 50%.

Welcome to the digital age of social media marketing. Unlike traditional media channels, social media has the power to target your customers with laser precision. The effectiveness of the dollars spent on social media is tracked in real time allowing for tweaks throughout the duration of the campaign. A client doesn't have to wait until a campaign has completed to reassess which messages are generating a return on investment.

Also, the cost of a precisely targeted social media marketing campaign that will convert your audience into leads is a fraction of what your business would spend on print, TV, radio or other digital marketing campaigns.

The SandsTeam Basic Social Media Marketing Campaign is $300 a week. This package includes:
  • Management of engagement and content through social channels
  • Creation and scheduling of five posts across all channels
  • Execution of targeted Facebook and/or LinkedIn advertising campaign
  • $100 towards Facebook and/or LinkedIn targeted advertising campaign
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